Villa Chantal is a House of sharing and conviviality. It's a place for you to feel well, a place where you can to enjoy  privileged moments.

Your rooms are located on the first floor of the House. At the same level you will enjoy a private of  a private lounge, a reading area, a multimedia space.

On the South side, the bed room "Soleil" heading to of the Garden, peace and tranquility.

On the North side, the "Citadine" bed room, overlooks the ramparts of the Citadel.

On the ground floor

Thanks to our two kitchens,  you can cook some warm dishes of the Lorraine region. During summer, you  can enjoy the kitchen near the garden.


Inside activities

  • the mini tourist information display stand  gives you acces to takeaway documentation, especially the one presenting  the "great war" of Verdun.

  • takeaway maps to guide you in your hiking in the region

  • the "wonder"  bookcase for your  moments of reading and wher you can find a great diversity of books, especially comics about the different wars involving France and Germany.

  • a large pool

Outdoor Activities

Our Garden is ranked with the qulity label "biodiversity" by the  Garden Of Noah organization ; this organization  has a partnership with the National Museum of Natural History in order to participate in counting butterflies in France.

In our Garden, you can walk along  a floral path and  contemplate  "Le rosier de Verdun",  a rose tree created in honor of the "poilus"  (nickname given to the french soldiers during the first World War) and many other specimens.

You will be welcome to pick up and  taste the fruits of season, to participate in the making of jams, jellys,and coulis.