Places of the city tours

  • Le Palais Episcopla ou Centre Mondial de la Paix: The Episcopal Palace, where art and history that hosts the Centre Mondial de la paix.
  • La Cathédrale Notre Dame et son cloître: The Notre Dame Cathedral and its cloisterBuilt in the 10th century. The largest Roman cathedarl of Lorraine.
  • Le musée de la Princerie, Museum of art and history of the city of Verdun.
  • Porte chausée: The door Chaussée, the door Saint Paul, door Châtel. These are the defensive doors of the city of Verdun, 14th century.
  • Parc Japiot Japiot Park, path of the roses in the great war, musical afternoons, and games for our little ones.
  • Le monument aux enfants de Verdun The memorials to the children of Verdun.
  • Le monument de la Victoire The victory monument, archive soldiers who died on the battlefields of Verdun.
  • La citadelle souterraine: a unique tour circuit to discover : the life of the Soldiers.
  • Le carrefour des maréchaux: the crossroads of the marshals: statues representative generals ans marshals of the firt and second Empires and the first wold war. It is has to carrefour is located the Villa Chantal.

The town of Verdun, begins, III centuries before our era, it was fortress Gallic, then the reign Roman, cited strategic and prosperous.

In 1552, the city became one of the three Bishoprics, with Metz and Toul, to be occupied by Henri II.

In 1648, the town became French and Vauban strengthens on order of the King.

Besieged, busy, destroyed many times since its inception, the city does not to gin his fatal Rosary.

Bombed by the Prussians in 1792, she worked a short time until the victory of Valmy.

Canonnée by the Prussians in 1870, she capitulated after a heroic siege.

After that she builds around it a double belt of forts, which actually in 1914 the most powerful French fortress.

From the beginning of the war, the Germans attempt to Verdun, without success.

The city became a strategic point of the French defence entrenched camp. February 21, 1916 begins the more sadly and famous battle of the century.

During he hell of Verdun, 163 000 french and  143 000 Germans died.

But Verdun is also a nice little town of province dominated by the Cathedral.

Small sloping streets and many stairs that save time, when we take them down, and invite you to pleasant walks.

London dock is a central point on the canal of the Meuse, where pleasure boats can moor there.

We're going to drink and eat on one of the many terraces that border the quays. In summer, people come to listen to music.