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Bed and Breakfast  in VERDUN

In the heart of the Meuse in LORRAINE

 Villa Chantal is ideally located at the entrance of the city of Verdun, next to the "carrefour des Maréchaux", a famous touristic place where several big statues represent some famous french military chiefs.

At this place,  you can enjoy both the charm and peace of a contryside guest house or  the easy and quick access to all city services.

Villa Chantal rooms can either be used individualy for different groups of persons or globally, as an appartement  for hosting a whole  family.

Two spacious and confortable rooms  "soleil" and "citadine" give the customers some  nice and warm places to stay.

Each room has an independent bathroom including a sink and a shower.

Each room give directly acces to the first floor lounge and  restroom.

Restrooms are also available on each floors.

For your comfort

  • cold drinks are available free of charge in the rooms,
  • on-site activities are available, such as : playing  board games ,reading books and documentaries on the "great war",
  • No pets are allowed.

The City of VERDUN in MEUSE

The city of Verdun is mostly known for its symbolic and strategic importance during the first World War.

Verdun is also the world capitale of an original almond candy called "dragée"; a wide variety of dragées are made in the Verdun's "Braquier factory" . 

Verdun also has a priceless architectural heritage.

The Episcopal Palace, which hosts the world center of peace of freedoms and human rights.

The majestic Cathedral overlooking the city.

The art and history museum of the Princerie,Princerie, where you can find collections of items dating back from prehistory until the beginning of the 20th century.

Location of the Villa Chantal

Villa Chantal is located only at a ten-minute walk  from the heart of the city and from the VisitorsBureau and at fifteen minutes drive from the memorial of Verdun, Douaumont Douaumont and Vaux forts, Ossuary of Douaumont ..

The town of Verdun offers different commented tours of the battlefields in minibus  such as "Open Tours". Some of these minibus start their tours at a station located at a two minutes walk  from the house.

Bickers and touring cyclists are welcome in the Villa Chantal. You can park and shelter your motorbikes and bycicles in a closed garage.

Villa Chantal give you acces to everything you need to wah, dry and iron your clothes.

You can take advantage of Villa Chantal as a starting base for various sport

We can suggest you visiting tours in order to simplify  your discoveries of differents points of interest related to the first World War, also called "Grande Guerre".







Le Mémorial: thematic museum makes you discover 2000 objects of collections, a Franco-German multitude of unpublished photos, of audiovisual devices

L'Ossuaire de Douaumont: This monument houses the bones of about 130 000 bodies of unidentified french and German soldiers.

Fort de Douaumont: main system of fortification of Verdun, erected by the engineer military and french general

Fort de Vaux: second fort main system of fortification of Verdun.

Tranchées des baïonettes:This monument remains in the collective imagination as a symbolic site of the battlefield of Verdun, it is based on a legend of french soldier buried standing up in their trench.

Destroyed Villages: Nine villages in the red zone were totally removed from the map in the battle of Verdun:Douaumont, Fleury-devant-Douaumont, Ornes, Vaux-devant-Damloup, Bezonvaux, Cumières-le-mort-homme, Haumont près Samogneux, Louvemont cote du poivre, Beaumont en verdunois...You can see there remaining houses that were left there in order to make people remember that villages were standing here.

THE Saint Mihiel SALIENT South of VERDUN

Crêtes des Eparges:The departure of Verdun, direction Mihiel, you can make a first stop at the "Eparges" village where the stele of Maurice Genevoix stands on the village square. For the most valiant, a pedestrian start from this place takes you on the Ridge Eparges, natural Observatory overlooking the plain of the Woëvre. You will find the monument to the memory of the engineers, also called pointX

Saint Remy La Calonne:When leaving the Eparges village, towards Saint remy the calonne where Alain Fournier is buried. "On this site a literary garden created in 2011 on the back of the old wash house you will discover by a paved trail 16 panels in 3 languages, our veterans of the great war writers: Jean Giono, Rupert Brooke, Köppen, John Mac Crae, Guillaume Appolinaire Edelf" to name but a few.

Hattonchatel Castlein the commune of Vigneulles les Hatonchâtel: verry beautiful medieval village on the road de Ligier Richier sculptor of Renaissance altarpiece, to discover in the collegiate church Saint Maur XI Century. The ninth century castle renovate at  XX century can be visited on Monday and Wednesday at 11:00.

Thiaucourt: An American cemetery where buried 4153 soldiers fallen during the resumption of the salient of Saint Mihiel. A German cemetery were buried 11 685 soldiers who fell in the region of the salient. The Museum of military costume more than 100 military costumes.

Saint-Baussant, this sector highlights German fortified trenches, and their method of construction.

American Monument of the mound of Montsec monument was raised by the United States, it commemorates the offensive of the 1st US Army in September 1918.

Marbotte: : discover his Museum and his church which was the center of sorting of the wounded od the Saint Mihiel salient. It quickly turned into a morgue. Of beautiful stained glass windows tell the suffering and death of its soldiers.

Bois brulés, croix de la Redoutes: in these places you can discover German trenches, a revived French trench, a cross of wood in tribute to veterans of the 95 RI

Fort de Troyon: part of the curtain defensive of the Meuse ups, established by the General Séré de Rivières between Verdun and Toul, following the French defeat of 1870. The fort is never taken by the Germans but suffers a lot of damage.


La Haute chevauchée et le ravin du Génie: This "open air museum" is intended to protect the remains of a First World War site (1914-1918) site which served as a storage place and also living quarters. It is located less than a mile away from the front line of underground mine warfare. (cf "haute-chevauchée"monument)

The shelter of the Kronprinz: building concreted in the forest used as command post for the German army

Tour American of Montfaucon in Argonne, impressive all of 58 m high, surmounted by a statue of liberty, it offers a panoramic view of the entire region

American of Romagna in Montfaucon cemetery the largest American necropolis with its 14246 graves to the cross of white marble, in a park of 40 hectares on the two slopes of a valley.

The Butte de Vauquois:  Mine war in Argonne, a village by the underground fighting ecrassement. The Butte de Vauquois is a termintiere which you can visit.

Monument of the : death-man and the sides 304: terrible battles take place from March 1916 and during the second battle of Verdun (winback) August 1917. 10 000 men were killed.

Chattancourt : more than 100 meters of original trench and shelters have been dug and built exaclys as it was during WW1.An incredible experience which will enable you to get another point of view on the Great War.


Ouvrage de la falouse: intact and complete fortification restored by an association of enthusiasts of the great war. A true immersion in the daily life of the soldier at the front back.

La Voie sacrée: Road from the Verdun front to the base back of Bar-le-Duc, on which freight forwarder men and materials logistics. At every kilometer is planted a commemorative Terminal.

La mairie de Souilly : headquarters of the General Pétain, a museum retracing the epic of the sacred way.


Le Bois des Caures: Colonel Driant "hunters" were the first to receive the shock of the German offensive on 21 February 1916.

Camp Marguerre: Back - German front: is located in the forest of love (Woevres forest) near Spincourt. This rear base of the German army camp, was a center of manufacturing of pre-fabricated concrete experimentation.

Canon de Duzey:German fixed Cannon calibre 380mm on a frame turning. The current cannon is a french Navy cannon from 1917, installed on site in 2014

The wald von TWood of Hérmeville: A circuit of the marine Gunners of 3km in the forest of Herméville will make you discover the casemates, a french cannon of size 14cm model 1910 and especially an Observatory oak tree 250 years old.

TILLY by Etain : the German presence at left of the remains in this forest.

Along the road you will come across German cemeteries (black cross) and french cemeteries (white cross).

You can make a stop and see the last French doll factory "petitcolin"









Places of the city tours

  • Le Palais Episcopla ou Centre Mondial de la Paix: The Episcopal Palace, where art and history that hosts the Centre Mondial de la paix.
  • La Cathédrale Notre Dame et son cloître: The Notre Dame Cathedral and its cloisterBuilt in the 10th century. The largest Roman cathedarl of Lorraine.
  • Le musée de la Princerie, Museum of art and history of the city of Verdun.
  • Porte chausée: The door Chaussée, the door Saint Paul, door Châtel. These are the defensive doors of the city of Verdun, 14th century.
  • Parc Japiot Japiot Park, path of the roses in the great war, musical afternoons, and games for our little ones.
  • Le monument aux enfants de Verdun The memorials to the children of Verdun.
  • Le monument de la Victoire The victory monument, archive soldiers who died on the battlefields of Verdun.
  • La citadelle souterraine: a unique tour circuit to discover : the life of the Soldiers.
  • Le carrefour des maréchaux: the crossroads of the marshals: statues representative generals ans marshals of the firt and second Empires and the first wold war. It is has to carrefour is located the Villa Chantal.

The town of Verdun, begins, III centuries before our era, it was fortress Gallic, then the reign Roman, cited strategic and prosperous.

In 1552, the city became one of the three Bishoprics, with Metz and Toul, to be occupied by Henri II.

In 1648, the town became French and Vauban strengthens on order of the King.

Besieged, busy, destroyed many times since its inception, the city does not to gin his fatal Rosary.

Bombed by the Prussians in 1792, she worked a short time until the victory of Valmy.

Canonnée by the Prussians in 1870, she capitulated after a heroic siege.

After that she builds around it a double belt of forts, which actually in 1914 the most powerful French fortress.

From the beginning of the war, the Germans attempt to Verdun, without success.

The city became a strategic point of the French defence entrenched camp. February 21, 1916 begins the more sadly and famous battle of the century.

During he hell of Verdun, 163 000 french and  143 000 Germans died.

But Verdun is also a nice little town of province dominated by the Cathedral.

Small sloping streets and many stairs that save time, when we take them down, and invite you to pleasant walks.

London dock is a central point on the canal of the Meuse, where pleasure boats can moor there.

We're going to drink and eat on one of the many terraces that border the quays. In summer, people come to listen to music.



The price Breakfast inclusive.  

   1 à 2 people (price for a night) 4 people (for a night)
  a night from two nights a night from two nights
One Bed room
55 € 110 € a night - -
       - -
  - - 110 € 220 € a night




For all proposals, done show part of the room  or rooms.


Local tax €0.75 per night/ per person

Monsieur et Madame ZILLIOX Pétra et Daniel

9, avenue du général Boichut

55100 VERDUN

tel portable: 06 78 10 34 40

mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.